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It hurts to be rejected, and not all girls are very gentle when they do it.

As for his lack of texting, that may just be an extension of what I've already told you.

The fear of being rejected can play a big part in someone and creates anxiety due to social conditioning, what others might think if he got rejected, what if you are one of those women who talks and goes around office he got rejected, and all sorts of stories we narrate in our minds. Instead when you do meet, assume he is your boyfriend and act accordingly, tease, flirt, smile, laugh at his lame jokes, and touch, hold hands and even kiss.

It seems apparent to me that he's more enthusiastic when the two of you are together in person, and I think that is a much better barometer of his feelings for you. "He never does thoughtful things, like buying your favorite scone on the way to your house," says dating coach Laurel House, author of the forthcoming RELATED: 11 Things That Mean More to Men Than 'I Love You'2. He picks up every tab and takes you shopping for fancy things, but out of sight, out of mind.First you understand the logistics that can create problems.You're in a job environment and women can complain of sexual harrassment.

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