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At the end of the event, decide which dates they would like to see again.

Eliot Weinberger and Octavio Paz had taken a four-line Chinese poem, over a millennium old, and presented it together with nineteen very different translations, each vying to be definitive.

Ashton: You mean, you can be dishonest by kissing someone?If a strict literal approach has its strong points, so do translations with varying degrees of creative flair, as well as translations bordering on daring adaptations.When I recently translated “Speed Dating,” a poem by the Athenian blog poet Stathis Baroutsos, I was surprised to come across a very different translation by the American author Peter Neofotis. The three of us read the translations, then discussed (in both Greek and English).An organized method meeting potential romantic partners which participants evaluate each over course single event today, there 400 varieties growing.N c cabbage oldest vegetables known man, alchemists considered first matter foods.

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