Outlook unread mail folder not updating

Step 3: Right click the Unread Mail folder, and click the Show in Favorites item in the right-click menu.

When I view the folder I see mails that were previously unread that I have read now but still appear in the Unread Mail folder. Kol Hi Kolin, I seemed to have the same problem as well and despite pressing the F5 key numerous times, or starting and closing out Outlook, deleting and recreating the search folder the Unread Mail search folder still displayed messages that are already read. However, the workaround I've been using is to mark the message as read and then mark it as unread, and hit F5 right afterwards.That seems to have cleaned up the mailbox, but it is quite cumbersome.Maybe someone will be able to give more insight into this problem.Sometimes unread email messages may stay among a number of messages, although the Outlook indicates you the number of unread email messages, such as Inbox (5), you can’t find out them at once.Actually you can collect all unread email messages into a favorite folder, making your working conveniently and quickly.

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