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Lemon Balm- This is a refreshing, anytime herbal tea that should be tried by everyone for its calming effects.It is special in that it soothes the entire nervous system, yet stimulates the heart at the same time.Western culture sent these healing methods underground and repressed all kinds of herbal knowledge along with it.Herbal Knowledge is Doubly Tabooed This old religious taboo against “folk medicine” carried over in the early 20th century, when the study of herbs was dropped for good in favor of the more profitable chemical methods of synthesization.Tylenol and Advil are the big ones: the names everyone knows. But we’re only turning to these drugs because of Big Pharma’s deep pockets and relentless attitude to keep us sick while they make a buck.Johnson & Johnson’s revenue last year was .3 billion.

The tea has a soothing and mildly sedative effect which helps us to relax after or even during a hectic day or as an aid for a good night’s sleep. For total relaxation why not try a cup of chamomile tea while lingering in a warm and soothing chamomile bath?The sleep aid industry has a powerful grip on the world, but even the most effective prescription drugs have their downsides: side-effects, limited access and prohibitive costs.That’s why countless people turn to herbs, which have been tested for hundreds of years by herbalists and naturopaths –versus the standard 6 months of testing for the average pharmaceutical.So we have a double taboo against studying herbs: an ancient religious doctrine combined with commercial scientific interests.This hasn’t stopped the modern pharmaceutical industry from plundering indigenous knowledge bases about herbs, of course, but it has limited the public funding opportunities for current studies on the effectiveness of many revered and powerful herbs and plant medicines. Some herbs may actually counteract other prescription drugs or be dangerous if used in combination with alcohol or sedatives, and others may be dangerous when combined with antidepressants.

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Some herbs, like California Poppy, have a strong sedative effect.

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