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For the unrelated free-to-air television channel in the UK and Ireland, see Pop (UK and Ireland). POP TV has received more than 39 Viktors, Slovene awards for media achievements and achievements in popular culture. POP TV is the flagship television channel of the commercial multimedia company PRO PLUS d.o.o.At the international festival in 2002, the channel gained a gold medal in the category Best Drama Promo for the promotional spot for the series Profiler, in 2001 a silver medal in the category Best Quiz Promo for the promo for the quiz show Lepo je biti milijonar (Who wants to Be a Millionaire) and in 2000 a gold medal for the best promotional spot for the film In the Line of Fire.For the fifth year in a row POP TV was awarded with the Trusted Brand title (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) among TV stations, as the most trustworthy and popular brand among consumers. Within 24UR, the following segments are currently airing: POP IN, Vizita (Medical visit), 24UR Inšpektor (24Hours Inspector) and 24UR Fokus (24Hours Focus).

Unlike k-pop, if you look at Japanese media and then travel to Japan you will be able to find girls that look and act almost EXACTLY like they do on TV.

Some Albanian guns have no year reference numbers on them.

I would tend to believe these would be either prior to 1967 or after 1979 with the latter being the most reasonable.

While there are potentially massive downsides to marrying a Japanese girl (you may never see your kids again if you get a divorce, which you’ll probably want to get because over 60% of Japanese marriages are sexless), there are also huge benefits to dating Japanese girls, as well. You’d be hard pressed to find girls that are more playful than Japanese girls.

Even the hottest ones will make goofy cute faces and funny poses in front of a camera.

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  1. Hong Kong sex workers from Southeast Asia -- mainly the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam -- risk arrest and deportation if they are caught on tourist or domestic helper visas, said Ann Li, a spokeswoman for the Zi Teng charity which supports sex workers.

  2. The Fox News host said it was 'very difficult' to verify the exact location of the photographs - a similar set of which were first released back in 2004 by Malik and previously published on Daily - but claimed they were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s.