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From 2011 Preliminary Archaeological Evaluations have been a mandatory part of the permission process of large-scale constructions (that is to say, a total minimum cost of c.1,600,000 EUR).

These evaluations consist of desktop studies (such as analyses of historical documents and maps), as well as field investigations with a budget of 0.35% of the total construction cost.

Aš iš tikrųjų didžiuojuosi, kad esu lietuvė, ir labai myliu šitą kraštą.

Norėčiau, kad ir jūs pajustumėte tą pasididžiavimą, kurį surašiau į knygą.

DNA methylation markers of lung and head-neck tumours. RESEARCH INTERESTS Genomic DNA-protein complexes Biochemical mechanisms of cellular response to photooxidation and cytotoxic treatment Mechanisms and clinical relevance of cellular response to environmental factors Membrane barrier and sensor functions, mechanisms of penetration of bacteriophages Analysis of the mechanisms of toxicity of environmental pollutants RESEARCH PROJECTS CARRIED OUT IN 2012 Projects Supported by University Budget Structure, Functions and Transformations of Biomolecules in Model and Live Systems. Šioje knygoje aš aprašiau tokią Lietuvą, kokią jaučiu.more During the last decade in Hungary, preliminary operations for large-scale archaeological excavations have became more and more important: the stakeholders have realised that it is cost-effective to spend more on the assessment phase rather than incurring higher expenditure because of problems related to an ill-planned project.Thorough knowledge of the size and characteristics of archaeological sites can largely contribute to the protection of the cultural heritage, as well as saving time and money.

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