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Jul 10 .709: HTTPDNS: Update add called for updates.192.1. Jul 10 .709: HTTPDNSUPD: URL = ' [email protected]/nic/updatehostname=xxxxxtest123net=updates.dnsomatic.com'. Jul 10 .101: HTTPDNSUPD: Response for update updates.192.1.Jul 10 .101: HTTPDNSUPD: DATA START404 Not Found Not Found The requested URL /nic/updatehostname=xxxxxtest123net=updates.was not found on this server..Inside Open Wrt two package versions are available: up to Barrier Breaker 14.07 it's support IPv6 If you have picked a DDNS service provider and create your host/domain name you need to note additional your username and password.Now you need to decide if you want to use secure communication with your DDNS provider or not.

No-IP Free hostnames must be updated once every 30 days.

Hi, I have managed to find a solution to using DDNS from behind a NAT router. When you set up DDNS from behind a NAT router, your DDNS client regsiters your private address instead of the public one.

As shown by the "show dns dynamic status" command issued out of config mode.

You can do this by logging into your No-IP account and clicking “Modify” next to your hostname then clicking “Update Hostname”.

You can also follow the link in the email we send out 23 days before the host expires and fill out the captcha.

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