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Although regular Skype or Facetime sessions with grandma and grandpa have become integral parts of the expat’s weekly schedule, we can not just “park” the kids in front of the Ipad or computer screen and have grammy babysit from overseas. Hiring an local nanny might be the first choice, but lots of German-speaking fellow expat Mommies find it very hard to find a reliable nanny who shares the same values when it comes to parenting and raising a child.With 12 weeks of summer, several snow days during wintertime, and children getting sick every so often, there is no way for working Mom and Dads, to be there for their children all the time. Working with au pair girls or boys might be another option, but let’s be honest – depending on age and level of experience with children, it sometimes feels like adding another child into the mix.

A granny au pair agency based in Germany is offering British families an experienced alternative to younger au pairs. She has no grandchildren yet and only works over the summer months in a restaurant in rural Austria.

“People forget it’s my first season in English football and I am like any other foreigner coming here,” he says.

“Maybe it is unlucky because I am English people presume I should be used to it. I feel that way anyway.”It has been a season of ups and downs for Dier, as it has been for his new club.

Oskar Groening claiming Auschwitz wasn't a death camp.

When she challenged the presiding judge in Hamburg to prove it was, Bild reports that he said he wouldn't debate someone who "can't accept any facts." “Neither do I have to prove to you the world is round," Magistrate Bjoern Joensson said.

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