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While the band leader sets up his microphone, one of the bar’s patrons, pointing, asks him a question—is she really part of the band? Not only does Granny play in the band, but she’s the group’s namesake. “You’ve got to get back into your music.”After his death, Alice’s daughter encouraged her to take piano classes again at the University of Maryland.

If her appearance is unexpected, then her story is even more so. She loved making music, but as she got older, life got in the way.

You should also use the FB tools for tagging, so you will be notified whenever your child is tagged.

However, it is important to remember that anyone can take a screenshot of a photo and share it freely.

A white grandmother, she jams right alongside The Boys, a group of black, mostly middle-aged men.

So she signed up for a senior course and began flexing her musical muscles once again.

For the rest of us, that journey serves as a poignant lesson on the balance between saving lives and honoring life.

A consultation with a pulmonary specialist had been scheduled. As we pieced together the events that led up to that moment, we learned she had gone to her regular doctor for a routine checkup.

For reasons beyond our understanding–and in the absence of symptoms–the doctor had done an “annual” chest x-ray.

Dear Amy: My mother-in-law has recently started a Facebook account.

There are three of us sisters-in-law and we all find this a great way for her to keep up with the grandkids. The aunt is widowed and has been speaking to men over Facebook and one of these men shared a photo of my daughter to his Facebook friends! I immediately asked this person (whom I've never met) to take the photo down. There is no specific setting to not allow people to share photos (you can only restrict an audience).

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